5 Online Money Transfer Services That Offer Coupon for up to $0 Fee!

Save the most when you transfer money online using TransferGo, WorldRemit, Enjoy FREE using promo codes!

Why we should care about coupon when it talks about sending money online from a country to another country? Yes, you have to think about the discount fee charges first since you can save a lot of money. Most people choose online money transfer services for its processing time, faster is better, but they forgot that mostly the services offer free promo code to save you the most, even sometimes you only have to pay $0! cheap!

You may have heard about MoneyGram, Western Union, and more popular money transfer services but do they offer discount vouchers and will be included on our list? Let’s get smarter, pick one of them, and check the promo codes from FullyThrifty so you would get FREE money transfer online at least on your first transfer.

1. WorldRemit

Dedicated to provides International remittance services to migrant workers and expatriates, WorldRemit offers zero fees (free) on your first time transfer with them. You have to enter voucher code in order to enjoy the zero fee charge. Check out some of our updated WorldRemit promo code here.

2. TransferGo

Our second pick for sending money through internet is TransferGo. Promising your money arrives on the next business day, the company only charge you for only 99p, which is cheaper than banks! Definitely must try, but do not forget to check TransferGo coupon on our page. This fast, secure, and easy money transfer offer destinations to Germany, Latvia, Poland, Denmark, Netherlands, Russia, and more.

3. Western Union

No more explanation about this company with a lot of good and bad feedback on their services. You can check the voucher code for Western Union Global and UK.

4. HiFX

A Brand You Can Trust, with over £100bn transferred. HiFX offers Fair and transparent bank beating money transfer service with no fees. Check HiFX discount code at our page, also available for USA. Destinations: Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, Asia, Africa, South America.

5. MoneyGram

MoneyGram offers a fast, reliable way to send money to loved ones across the world. Check MoneyGram promo code before you make a transfer with them.

We will continue adding more on the list if we found a good one with big discount on fees or free charges on money transfer. Stay tuned!