7 Legit Online Stores Where You can Buy Real Swords

Buy real handmade swords online at cheap but trusted online stores. Use coupon codes for buying real swords from samurai, Japanese katana, medieval, talwar, fencing, Indian, and more.

Buying swords online is not an easy task, most people asking the best places to buy swords with many characters and features, such as antique swords, Japanese samurai and katana, medieval, fencing, talwar, Indian, and more. Whether its replica or battle ready, collectors also find for online stores selling custom swords inspired of games and movies like Games of Thrones or Lord of the Rings.

Luckily you come to the right places, one of our bloggers is a sword maniac. He buy swords as many as he can, thus why we made up this article to keep the list of top online shops where you can purchase real swords.  There are many types of swords in the world, so make sure you do a good research before ordering one. Check out Wikipedia.com that may inspire you with some new cool idea.

Never forget to ask the shop about the sharpness of your sword, you don’t want it ends on your wall right? The difference between a real sword and replica sword for decorative:

  • Real swords made from carbon steel, that is why it is strong and rigid, while the replica made from stainless steel.
  • Real swords featured with full tang while decorative sword only have “rat tail” tang.
  • Real swords are properly tempered and heated, while decorative are not.
  • Handmade swords cost starting from $300, while replica swords from $30.

1. Swords of the East

The shop is really featuring cool eastern swords for sale online. It offers many high quality samurai, katana, wakizashi, tanto, Japanese knives, and other ninja weapons. Lately it also display Medieval and European swords that you can buy using Swords of the East coupon code, check out!.

2. Japanese Swords 4 Samurai

Mentioning samurai on their shop name doesn’t mean that they only sell one type of sword from Japanese. Theyhave a wide selection of battle ready handmade armor and weapons, from katana, tanto, damascus swords, and Chinese swords. Order but use Japanese Swords 4 Samurai coupons so you will save a lot of money.

3. Swords From Spain

If you are looking the best places to buy swords from Spain, it is the top notch. Find some quality Medieval Swords, Toledo, Spain swords at cheap prices. Enter the promo code for Swords From Spain and get extra discount plus free shipping.

4. Swords of Northshire

Make sure to enter Swords of Northshire coupon code for buying functional Katana and other Samurai Swords! Also you are enable to easily build you own custom swords with cool and exotic combinations.

5. Swords of Might

Swords of Might offers the top quality swords, knives, and collectibles. Browse real swords, replica, decorative weapons, and many more. Get free shipping when you spend above $350 online plus use the Swords of Might coupons!

6. TrueSwords.com

According to its name, not a secret that you can buy true swords, most people buying here.

7. Blade-City

Blade City sells swords, karambits, blades, knives, balisongs, and other armor with free shipping on all U.S. orders.

We will add more sword stores when we found its good to be listed here, if its not listed you can contact us!